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I have partnered with Point Blank CHL to provide the academic/classroom portion of the LTC training online.  When you follow the link below and enter my promo code you will be able to take the classroom portion and the test for $24.00!!  Once you complete the online course and receive your LTC 101, bring it to me and I will complete your training by answering any questions you have and administer the shooting portion of the training.  The fee for this portion is $40.00!!  So the total cost is $64.00!!


As a result of this awesome deal, I am suspending my classroom training sessions and will only be doing the shooting portion at my enclosed range.


The website for the online training can be accessed here:


My promo code is "hoppyshots"   


You won't be asked for the promo code until you get to the checkout/pay page.




To schedule your shooting test, text or voicemail me at 830-734-1183 or email me at


I only answer cell calls from the local area!! 



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NEW INFO::   The Texas LTC fee has been reduced from $140.00 to $40.00 effective 1 Sept 2017!!



22 Caliber or larger semi-automatic or revolvers are now authorized for the shooting test..      







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Angels but deadly none the less



 Directions to the range 

Travel east on Hwy 90 3.1 miles past the main gate at

Laughlin AFB, (this is past the Escondito Estates

entrance) and turn right onto Rancho Del Rio Rd,

cross the Railroad tracks and turn left, the LHH gate

will be 0.4 miles on the right.


I have two recommendations!!


1.  Join the Texas Concealed Handgun Association

check them out at 


2.  Get carry insurance.  I recommend Texas Law

Shield at




Email or 

text 830-734-1183 to to schedule your shooting!!




LHH Concealed handgun Training LLC was formed in 2007 by Charles "Hoppy" Henegar, who has been providing quality handgun training leading to a Texas License to Carry LTC since 2005.

We are located here, at 1839 Rancho Del Rio Road, approximately three miles east of the LAFB gate.


The Texas Department of Public Safety's Concealed Handgun Bureau administers the Texas concealed handgun program, issues the license and trains and certifies all instructors.

The initial training course consists of 4 to 6 hours of instruction including classroom academic instruction, a 25 question written test (multiple choice), and a 50 round handgun evaluation. The classroom training is now done online at

Guns are available free for the evaluation if students do not have their own. Available guns include:


  •  9mm Auto (4)
  • .45 Auto
  • .40 Auto
  • .32 Auto
  • .380 Auto (2)
  •  22 Auto (2)
  • .38 Revolver

Students are required to provide their own ammunition.  (50 rounds)


The basic requirements to become a concealed handgun license holder are:

  1. Live or currently reside in Texas
  2. Not be a felon or have a recent Class A or B misdemeanor conviction
  3. Not be drug dependent
  4. Be 21 years old (18 if active  military)

This list is not all inclusive. A complete list of eligibility requirements can be viewed here on page four.

For additional information visit or



Locally, I trust Russell True Value for all my handgun and equipment needs.  

Hoppy Henegar  CHL Instructor